We are family owned and operated in Casa Grande, Arizona. We appreciate that you chose our family to bring your family PASTURE GRAZED, FRESH, RAW MILK! We strive for A2/A2 goodness and our milk is certified Grade A milk, inspected by the Arizona Department of Agriculture.  We deliver all over the state of Arizona and are located in several stores throughout the valley. We would love to be a part of your “Farm to Table” lifestyle!

We are growing every day and are continuously looking for ways to improve and expand on our delivery routes, farmer’s markets, and host drops. Should you have any questions, suggestions, inquiries, or just want to chat about our product or product availability.  Please feel free to call us at 520-705-3248!  We would love to talk to you. 

Why Pasture Grazed?

Raw milk from healthy, grass-fed, and pasture-raised and grazed cows is what makes us who we are and each glass of our delicious raw milk so amazing! Cows who are raised and free to graze on wide open pastures and strictly on the abundance and goodness of the land are just naturally happier, healthier cows! Everything that we do at Green Pastures Raw Milk Dairy is for the benefit of our cows and the quality of our Raw Milk.

We maintain and treat our pastures and the soil in which it is grown. We are solely responsible for the law of our land and everything that goes into each glass of raw milk.

About Us and Our Cows

We are a family owned and operated Raw Milk Dairy located in Casa Grande, AZ. Our milk cows consist of predominately Brown Swiss and Brown Swiss/Jersey cross and they are pasture grazed, right here on our farm. We are selecting and breeding for the A2/A2 component. A2 is a form of beta-casein, a component of milk proteins. For more detailed information on Raw Milk benefits, please visit https://www.westonaprice.org/ This is a truly unique site dedicated to accurate information on nutrition and health, always aiming to provide the scientific validation of traditional foodways.

Our cows are a part of our family. Each one of our girls has a very unique personality and we invite you to come to meet and greet them for yourself. Tours are by appointment only and we encourage you to come out and bring your family! Transparency in farming is important to us and we want you to see and experience where your Raw Milk comes from.

Our story continues to grow as do the benefits of Raw Milk. Ranching and Farming have been a part of our families lives for generations. Without family, this would be near impossible to do. It is who we are and everything that we believe in. As a family, we are continually growing, learning, and doing everything we can to advocate, educate and supply raw milk and the “farm to family” lifestyle in which we have become accustomed to. We sincerely appreciate you and are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Our Process

We are certified & licensed by the state of Arizona to sell Grade A Raw milk. We are inspected semi-annually by the Department of Agriculture and our milk is tested monthly by the State of Arizona for several quality standards. We also test our milk bi-weekly for added assurance of quality control. We milk our cows and process the milk with state-of-the-art equipment. The milk flows from our cows to a cooling tank through a stainless steel line and is cooled to 38° in 30 minutes. The milk is then
bottled fresh in BPS and BPA free plastic bottles and ready to enjoy!

Farm to Table is a very big part of our business. We wish to continue to grow and flurish in our business but It is very important that we maintain close relationships with our consumers and the people and businesses in which we hand select to carry our milk.

We deliver to host homes and supply our raw milk to our consumers through small businesses, farmers markets, and farm or ranch stores throughout Arizona. It is our hope to continue to grow in the local, small business and delivery field. This is “Farm to Table” and this is where we wish to be.

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